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09 фев 2010, 00:18
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Тема: Happy Birthday, Janel!
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Re: Happy Birthday, Janel!

Dear Natasha, A very late thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes and flower! I can smell the sweet scent of the gardenia. Life has been so busy for me that I have not been a participant on any forum for more than two months, while trying to catch up or at least to keep abreast of what needs to ...
13 окт 2009, 17:19
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Тема: Что такое патина?
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Re: Что такое патина?

The recumbent man netsuke appears to be made of a material that has two distinct layers. Please observe the himotoshi, the larger hole shows this clearly, as well as the first two images. Proximity to cloth and to the sweat and oils of the wearer would not create such a distinct difference at the ch...